Personalized facials

Let yourself be tempted by tailor-made facials exactly designed for the special needs of your skin.
Give yourself a pure moment of pleasure and let yourself be surprised by the magic of our products. After an accurate diagnostic, each step will be personalized to meet the specific needs of your skin: in-depth cleaning and refining massage will both soften the signs of age while providing a luxuriously sensual experience.
Complete    90 min
Complete + back    120 min
Express    60 min
"Russian" massage    45 min
Deep massage of facial muscles to relax every tension accumulated during the day, and stimulate blood influx to fight against ageing skin and smoothen expression wrinkles.
1 session
5 sessions
Rejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
Intense pulse light released during a flash reduces skin ageing effects like small wrinkles, pigmented spots, and telangiectasia, and stimulates collagen production. Three to five sessions with one session per week are generally enough to meet expected results. A maintenance session can be done every 6 months.